Top 3 Favourite Subjects

These are the top 3 of my favourite subjects

1. My 1st subject is art because you get to be as creative as you want and no one can tell you that your work is bad. And you can also express yourself any way you want and do, draw, paint, colour, sketch and many other ways.. That is why art is one of my favourite subject.

My 2nd favourite subject is P.E because it’s really fun picking and voting on games. And you learn all these new games and even though it’s very tiring, you can do, and learn lots of exercise!

my 3rd favourite subject is music because you can learn to play all these different types of instruments and learn different type of skills about music.


and those are 3 of my favourite subjects!!!!


My Favourite And Lease Favourite Place In School

Today I’m going to be telling you what my favourite and least favourite part in the school are.

My least favorite place in school is the girls toilet, here are the reasons why.

1. It’s always messy

2. The toilets are never flushed

3. People tend to crawl under the toilets and lock them so when people need to go urgently they can’t

4. People wet toilet paper and throw it up on the ceilling and it falls on people (like me). 

5. They smell really bad.

And I think they should redo the girls toilets and paint the wall and get new toilets.

And my favourite place in the school is the bottom yard because…

1. I play with all of my friends on the swings, monkey bars, or even nature play.

2. That’s where I have fun with my friends

 3.There’s lots of equipment for everyone to play with

4. It’s outdoors so I get fresh air and exercise

And that is my favourite and least favourite part in school.

Should Our School Have A Uniform?

I strongly believe that our school shouldn’t have uniforms because…

If you walk home a stranger could look at your logo and see what school you go to and track you down. Some schools change uniform and some people cant afford new uniforms every 1 or 2 years.

 We will all look the same and it will be hard to find your friend and if you urgently need to find someone you can’t find them. If you stain your clothes badly you will need to get another uniform.

If you new and don’t have a uniform yet you don’t have anything to wear.if you have a uniform that needs dry cleaning you need to spend lots of money to get it cleaned if you get it dirty.


Some people (like me) can be allergic to the fabric on the uniform and can cause a allergic reactions and can cause a scar.And for some people there might not be a size for them and it could really lower there self esteem and make them feel bad about them self.

you might have some stuff you need to wear for a special reason and you not allowed to where it because its not part of the uniform.

So that is why i think my school should NOT have a uniform.

Why We Should Have Nude Food

I strongly agree that we should have nude food because

If we have Nude Food it will reduce the amount of waste that we have in our environment.  This will help the sea and make sea creatures healthy and a less chance of turtles dying.

Making the environment cleaner is a good thing to do. If your school leads the way with this then everyone else will know that we stand for something good. It will also give the school a good reputation.

Nude food also educates lots of people.  It educates the children at the school and makes them aware of how important our environment is to us and everything else that lives in it. It also educates the parents because they are the ones that pack the lunch boxes. Once the children and parents are taught then they can tell other people and teach them. Then those people can tell other people and other people too. Soon everyone will know how important nude food is and how it can help our environment.

Nude food also saves you or your parents money because you can just buy a container for the whole year and not spend lots of money on glad rap and alfoil.

In conclusion I support the idea of Nude Food and hope everybody else does too.




Hi I’m Lana and I’m going to tell you why I really wan’t to go to Venice. I really wan’t to go to Venice because…I wan’t to try all the Italian food and lots of different gelato flavours,colours and all type of different exotic food.

  I also wan’t to go and sale on a Gondola. And be a the busker and sing for money, rais alot and donate it to poor. I wan’t to go to venice beach and fish dinner for my family.

When i’m in venice i wan’t to learn to speak fluent Italian language and talk to people and make sure that people can understand me.



My Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is a Giraffe.  It’s my favourite animal because when i was born i got this little stuffed toy giraffe.I still have it now!

Classification-  camelopardalis and Giraffa

Description- Giraffes are one of the tallest mammals.  They are well known for their long neck, long legs and spotted pattern.


Habitat- A giraffes habitat is Grassland, Woodland Savanna and sometimes the zoo

Diet- Hebivores which means they only eat plants.  their long necks allow them to reach leaves,  seeds,  Fruit,  bud and branches.

behavior- Giraffes travel in big herds that may consist different ages 





Book Week

Book Week

Last week was Book Week. And Friday was the parade. Because it was Book Week. w1e read lots of Book Week books there was…Go Home Cheeky Animals, Fabish The horse Who Braved The bush Fire, Out, The Patch Work Bike and The Gigantic Book of Genes.

On Friday was the PARADE YAY. I dressed up as…The Princess Dressed In Black. It was very fun walking in the parade. Some other people dressed up as dressed up as… The Three Little Pigs, Matilda, Miss Honey, Moana, Alice In Alice in   Wonder Land, Mei, Agent Fox, juliet Vet, The Big Bad Wolf, another Matilda and  Thing 1 and Thing 2.

we also did lots of book week activities like writing about our character and also dressing up!                      My favourite part of book week was dressing up and walking all fancy down the parade. The two Seinor Leaders went up on a stand and iterviewed two people from each class. And they asked them about there costume.

As I The Princess Dressed In Black i haven’t read the book yet i have to read a little bit before bed every night before friday when the book parade is on.The reason i picked this book is i found this book while cleaning my room and i remembered it was Book Week next week. And i had all the supplies for the costume. a black cape a pair of black legging,black shorts,mask,boots and white socks.

After that i almost cried because i relised my class and some other classes had to do badminton in our costumes. abaut my team won and got to pick a coloured braclet that says.      Badminton Champion on the front of the braclet.

so thankyou for reading my post about book week and i hope you have a great day and comment what what your fovourite book is and if its book week for you comment what you dressed up as.

Thank you






My Favorite Quote

My Favourite quote is


This is my favourite quote because…

. Be who you are and be what  you want to be in life.

. Always say your apinion and always say what you really think about somthing.

. Other people don’t care who you are where you are or how you look like.

. Don’t care what others think of you you are who your are and you should be proud of youself whenever you acomeplish something.

. Don’t listen to others,do what you want to do and don’t let them put you off track of what your doing.

. Say what you feel,don’t keep your feelings in. 

. Don’t let others bother you you stand up for yourself.


My Bucket List

1. Go on a plane ride.

2. Get a dog and call it bullet.

3. Go to England.

4. Go to the zoo and touch every single animal.

5. Eat lot’s of strange food from all around the world.

6.  Paint a famous painting.

7. Become a youtuber.

8. Go to Italy.

9. Get a computer.

10.  Pet a monkey.

11. Plant a fruit garden.

12. Get my drivers licence.

13. Invent something.

14. Make a book.

15. Graduate.

16. Get a better phone.

17. make slime

18. Get a TV in my room.




So comment what your top 1. thing to do on YOUR Bucket List. 😉



Sports Day

Hi I’m Lana and i’m telling you what i did at sports day last term.  Sports day was term 2 week 1 on Thursday. Firstly we did whole school hoop relay it’s when the whole school has to get through a hoop in a time limit.

 After that we did team chants  ..  Then the 3/4 unit did hurdles i came first.  Then we did sprints i came second.  after that we did high jump you don’t get ribbons in high jump.  We also did Longjump.   

After the 3/4 unit did 400m race i don’t know what i came.  after we all packed up and went back on the bus and went home.

so comment down below what your favourite sport is.